Item# LR-321-16


Product Description

Crackbond LR321 is formulated for use as an injection resin for cracks in structural concrete, masonry & wood. It’s also perfect for epoxy grouting, healing-sealing or as a mortar when mixed with sand. It has the viscosity of light oil and low surface tension, allowing it to deeply penetrate fine cracks. It cures to a solid with no shrinkage, bonds to both surfaces of the crack, bonding the structure back to its original monolithic strength.

General Uses
•Pressure injection of fine to medium size cracks (3mm to ¼”)
•Primer for industrial coatings
•Bonding agent for new to old concrete repair
•Epoxy Resin binder for epoxy mortar patching using addition of aggregate
•Sealer for interior slabs and exterior above-ground slabs from water, chlorides and mild chemical attack
•Gravity feed structural crack repair in horizontal concrete, masonry and wood in fine to medium size cracks

Advantages and Features
•High strength
•Moisture insensitive system-can be used on damp surfaces
•100% solids, solvent free system means low VOC content
•Low Viscosity epoxy system ideal for gravity feed crack injection applications


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